Naturally Australian Eucalypt Art by Gillian Sandrasegar is a range of bookmarks, paperweights, crafted artworks, lens cloths and jigsaws.

These unique pieces are made from the leaf of the Eucalyptus.  In preparation the leaves are air-dried, then individually hand painted and signed, before being protected for long lasting use and enjoyment.

The Eucalyptus is a genus of about 600 species almost exclusively native to Australia. The gum-leaf has the unusual habit of hanging vertically on the tree thus avoiding the harsh sun and water loss. This growing point results in the leaf having the same structure on each side, with no "upper" or "lower" surfaces. The native Koala has adapted to live almost solely on a diet of gum leaves, with feeding patterns recorded from sixty-nine species.

Over countless generations the names Coolabah, Gum and Eucalypt have come to inspire and evoke the Australian identity. Continuing with this tradition Gillian Sandrasegar has created a range that preserves and protects this iconic emblem in a unique and useful form. Easily recognised and each an original artwork, these works are a genuine Australian Memento.

These works are ideal as presents or keepsakes.

All works can be customised with company brand signage for distinctive and original Australian corporate gifts.

For further information or purchasing queries:

For meeting the artist and viewing the works in person:
The Sunday Market at the Arts Centre
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, undercroft
Sunday 10-5 PM